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Released April 12, 2019


Trevor Gureckis


Trevor Gureckis is an award-winning composer and producer based in NYC. His work spans film, pop and concert genres. His music often draws on his production experience and classical background, fusing electronics and live instruments in unique ways. Trevor is currently scoring the highly anticipated Warner Brothers and Amazon Studios film adaptation of The Goldfinch dir. John Crowley to be released in 2019. He recently scored the Blumhouse thriller Bloodline which premiered at the 2018 Fantastic Fest. He also worked on Paul Dano’s directorial debut film, Wildlife, feat. Jake Gyllenhaal and Carey Mulligan, with composer David Lang that premiered at

Sundance 2018. Other work includes; HBO’s Vice: Raised by the System, EPIX’s documentary Election Day and Wetlands feat. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Heather Graham. In the past, Trevor worked as Philip Glass’s sole music assistant for years on films such as Stoker, Notes on a Scandal and Transcendent Man, performing and arranging on numerous projects.

As a producer, Trevor worked on Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo and co-produced the cover of ‘Say You Will ft. Caroline Shaw’. His synth production can be heard on the song ‘Freestyle 4 ft. Desiigner’. He also produced the electro-pop band My Great Ghost which showcases singer Drew Smith, and is featured on the Philip Glass remix album REWORK_ along with Beck, Cornelius, and Amon Tobin. His numerous remixes and arrangements include artists like Philip Glass, Rufus Wainwright, Mark Ronson, Niia, Mr Little Jeans and more. His concert music has been performed throughout the country by ensembles like the Minnesota Orchestra, American Brass Quintet and the Cabrillo Festival Orchestra. His evening length ballet, Potential Energies, was premiered at BAM Fisher in 2014 by The Nouveau Classical Project. It is a collaboration with director Sugar Vendil and choreographer Barbie Diewald.

He studied composition at the Yale School of Music. His accolades include a Charles Ives Scholarship from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, a JFund Grant, and an AMP Award. He was shortlisted for Best Original Music for the AICP Awards in 2015 and a finalist in LIA 2016 Awards for Music Adaptation.

Gureckis explains:

“These are the two major elements in my creative life, and much like glacial imagery and track titles suggest, here they erode and cut into each other to create fractured versions of their original musical identities to form new audio structures and landscapes.”

This electronic/acoustic exploration is a logical extension of Gureckis’ work in production (film, pop, TV) and his classical background (Yale School of Music, Philip Glass’ music assistant). He has worked extensively in film, pop, and concert music. Regardless of genre or medium, Gureckis brings a consistent aesthetic framework — one that bridges and erodes.

Recent film projects include the Warner Brothers/Amazon Studios adaptation of The Goldfinch (directed by John Crowley) out in 2019, the thriller Bloodline (2018), and Paul Dano’s Wildlife (featuring Jake Gyllenhaal and Carey Mulligan) with composer David Lang that premiered at Sundance 2018. Trevor worked on Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo as a producer, and has had concert music performed by Minnesota Orchestra, American Brass Quintet, and many others.