Released April 20, 2018


Michael Riesman, Piano


Michael Riesman, well-known at the music director of the Philip Glass Ensemble since 1974, is also an accomplish pianist, conductor, arranger, producer and composer. Now receiving its first ever digital release, Supertrain Records presents Riesman's 1987 album Formal Abandon a dynamic two movement ballet which was commissioned by Lucinda Childs for a ballet of the same name.

Credits -

Composed, performed, and produced by Michael Riesman. Formal Abandon was commissioned by the Lucinda Childs Dance Company, 1983. Copyright © 1986 by Michael Riesman.

Instrumentation: piano (Steinway), synthesizers (Arp, Emu, Oberheim, Sequential circuits, Yamaha), electric organ (Yamaha), and percussion.

Recorded &digitally remixed at Greene street Studios, 112 Greene street, New York, NY

Cover Photographs: Peter Hujar

Jacket Design: Candy Jernigan

Mastering: Bill Kipper, Masterdisk, NY