melodies of my youth

composed by Zbigniew preisner

Voice: lisa gerrard

piano: dominik wania


Supertrain Records proudly presents the new album MELODIES OF MY YOUTH by Polish Composer Zbigniew Preisner performed by Lisa Gerrard and pianist Dominik Wania. Preisner is well known for his film soundtracks including Dekalog, The Secret Garden, the Trois Couleurs trilogy, La Double Vie de Veronique and many more. His collaborations with the famous polish director Krzysztof Kie lowski prompted Preisner's first concert work in the late-1990s his Requiem for My Friend.

Melodies of My Youth is a new full length album of nine selections for piano and voice with Gerrard, well known for her contribution as co-composer of the Gladiator soundtrack as well as her work with her band Dead Can Dance. This new album features two songs co-composed with Preisner - America and Australia. Anchoring this album is the stunning piano performance by Domink Wania.

Full of nostalgia and beauty the music is what is claims to be, Preisner s reflections on Melodies from his youth growing up in Poland behind the iron curtain. Preisner has since produced a number of works apart from film including Ten Easy Pieces for Piano, Diaries of Hope (with Lisa Gerrard), Ten Pieces for Orchestra, Psalm , the recent Supertrain release of Twilight for Solo Piano (with Dominik Wania), Preisner's own arrangements of Polish Christmas melodies and theater works including Danse Macabre and Dokad 2016.


1. Roots

2. Wayfarer

3. Birth

4. Nocturne

5. Confession

6. America

7. Australia

8. Nightmare

9. To Those We Love