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Releasing October 12, 2018

Working with Glass’s publisher Dunvagen, enter KUMMERSPECK.  I recall hearing the album CINEMATIX for the first time.  I have to say my first impression was one of being every impressed: the album distinguished itself because for the first time it seemed to be something of a singular artistic statement. Rather than a chorus of voices this was Glass’ music filtered through a singular vision.  

Intrigued by this, we made a deal for the commercial release of the album and in doing so I came into contact with Lior.  All I can say is that Lior knows his stuff. He comes from a classical background. Not that that means much in itself, but it’s more from the perspective of how we both understand music. It’s our baseline. We can talk about all sorts of things and know common references.  In our conversations about Lior’s concert music, he mentioned this new Kummerspeck project COUNTDOWN TO SILENCE.

Kummerspeck has its own wide ranging activity and interest. People may know them from their work with RuPaul. But in talking about this new album, at one point Lior invited me to hear it.  Right at this time I was thinking about this new venture of Supertrain Records.  In all my work and putting out records these past 15 years, I have often come across things that interest me but don’t fit into my prescribed activities.  With the advent of Supertrain, the vehicle is created specifically for things like this.  Lior and I talked about our intentions for this album and it boils down to the fact that it’s the kind of music that people like.